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  1. Taxes Are Tyranny

From the recording Taxes Are Tyranny

Sometimes it get's to be too much here in Wisconsin.

Taxes are Tyranny was recorded Jan. 20th, 2007 at Studio J, Shorewood WI.

Words and Music © 2007 Mark Truesdell (BMI)

The Spirals: Mark Truesdell - Vocals, Guitars, Toy Piano

Candice Nokes - Backing Vocals

Guests: Jared Drake - Bass, Backing Vocals

Bob Mueller - Drums

Produced and mixed by Mike Starling

Mastered by Brett Huss @ Sound Strations in LaCrosse


Taxes are tyranny, I’m sweatin’
For somethin’ I’m not gettin’
Peace and security. (Somethin’ I’ll never see.)

Taxes are tyranny, I’m workin’
Trabajo brother-there don’t you know
Nobody’s out there workin’ for me.

Old King George Is Alive and Well
Pay Uncle Sam Or Go To Jail

You say It’s for the Kids
You say It’s for the poor
But you keep all the money
Come shake me down for more.

Taxes Are Tyranny Hey Che!