I've been listening to Mark and Candice make beautiful music - together, solo, or with others - for over 25 years. You two make the world a more beautiful, inspiring place to be. Rock on!
Mark and Candice, How wonderful to see you are still making beautiful music! Jim and I pulled out a Truesdell & Rautmann CD today and introduced our two little girls to some new tunes. We were curious about what you two might be up to these days. Now we know. Love the music and the videos. We'd love to see you perform some time soon!
Hello Candice! It's been a long time since we talked & we worked together at Firstar, & when you sang at my wedding. Would love to talk to you!! This is a great site - cudos to you! Take care & hope to hear from you!
I am looking forward to the West Coast Tour!
Your music has always brought back moments when I felt alone in the war and home was far away,the music put me back home surrounded by love ones. thank you for the spirals.
Your website is very warm and welcoming...kind of like you invited us into your living room! I loved the collaboration work w/'s genius! Music is the soul's way of expressing itself...we honor music by appreciating it and those who create it! :)
I enjoyed your website and am looking forward to your next Milwaukee appearance.
How could I stay in Tucson when you guys were here? Great site!
The website is beautiful! i'm thrilled to know you.
Very welcoming website. I like it! You know that I support your musical work and am very happy to know you and hear you whenever I can. (Ed, too)
I am looking forward to hearing you sometime soon! Keith would like to know what is the link to your 48 hour movie?
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